Disposal of discarded disposable medical use masks


1. When in medical institutions such as health centers, hospitals, etc.
Disposable medical use masks can be directly put into medical waste garbage bags. Masks will be disposed of by professional treatment institutions as medical waste.
2. For ordinary people
Disposable medical use masks that have been used due to low risk can be thrown directly into the trash can (Shanghai area: dry garbage). Finally, after dealing with masks
Wash your hands carefully.
3. For people suspected of having an infectious disease
The used hood should be handed over to the appropriate staff for disposal as medical waste when visiting a doctor or undergoing investigation and disposal.
4. For people with symptoms such as fever, cough, sputum, sneezing, or people who have been in contact with such people
It is recommended to throw the mask into the trash can first, then use 5% 84 disinfectant in a 1:99 ratio and then sprinkle it on the mask for disposal.
Disinfectant can also be sealed in a sealed bag / fresh-keeping bag and thrown into the trash can.
1. It is not recommended to scald the used disposable medical masks with boiling water
High temperature is indeed a way of disinfection, but using boiling water to scald the mask definitely needs to put [the cover in the container, which will contaminate the container
Moreover, the boiling water soup can not meet the sterilization requirements and can only kill some pathogens.
2. It is not recommended to burn used disposable medical masks
The principle of incineration is also high temperature disinfection, but incineration will pollute the environment and cause safety hazards.
3. Throwing away after cutting is not recommended

Although it is a good starting point to cut disposable medical use masks to prevent recycling by people with ulterior motives, there is a great risk of infection.

disposable medical use masks

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