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Space Sterilizer

JIBIMED is a professional China Space Sterilizer manufacturers and China Space Sterilizer suppliers.JIBIMED medical products are not only widely used in many hospitals in China, but also exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions to provide services for hospitals at all levels in the world.

The Space sterilizer is suitable to be applied to the disinfection of the space and rooms that have standard of the microbial limit, it can directly kill the bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms. This unit accomplishes the sterilize process through diffusion the nanoscale vaporized droplet to the areas which require disinfection.

The Space sterilize can be used for proceeding the disinfection to the confined spaces such as sterile test laboratory, microorganism inspection laboratory, positive control laboratory, sampling room and material transfer room. And Space disinfector autoclave is also suitable to the overall disinfection to the biological laboratory, biosafety cabinet, and air exhaust high-efficiency filter.

Characteristics of Space disinfector autoclave:

Muti angles,three-dimensional spray.
360°full coverage without dead angle,high efficient gas injection.
Space disinfector autoclave is equipped with H₂O₂ detector, to constantly monitor the concentration and residue.
Disinfection effect ≥99.9%,can fulfill the killing to the Bacillus stear other mophilus up to the 6 logarithms .

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