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Disposable Masks

JIBIMED is a professional China Disposable Masks manufacturers and China Disposable Masks suppliers.JIBIMED medical products are not only widely used in many hospitals in China, but also exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions to provide services for hospitals at all levels in the world.

Disposable Mask is composed of a mask face and a tension band. The face of the mask is divided into three layers: The inner layer is made of skin-friendly material (non-woven fabric), the middle layer is the isolation filter layer (melt blown material layer), and the outer layer is made of non-woven fabric too.

Disposable masks can be used in electronics manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, etc. Use methods: hang the elastic ear hooks on both ears, with a full nose, lightly press the fixing piece to fix it, so that the mask fits the face.

Usage of Disposable masks:
1.Open the carton package, then take out the disposable medical use masks. 
2. Wear the mask correctly with the white side inside and blue side outwards. Hold both ends of the mask with the nose bridge bar in the top, then place the ear loops behind the ears. 
3. Press the nose bar to fit the bridge of the nose with fingers, adjust the mask to cover the mouth,the nose and the jaw completely for best protection.

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