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UV Water Sterilizer

JIBIMED is a professional China UV Water Sterilizer manufacturers and China UV Water Sterilizer suppliers.JIBIMED medical products are not only widely used in many hospitals in China, but also exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions to provide services for hospitals at all levels in the world.

UV Water Sterilizer adopts a special high strength non ozone ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and an inner wall after the special treatment of micro carbon smelly martensitic stainless steel barrel.

Feature of UV Water Sterilizer

•304 polished stainless steel reactor
•Quartz sleeve ensure the best working temperature
•Comprehensive,rapid and efficient sterilization, sterilization, the highest rate is 99.9%, higher output, physical sterilization, No side effects, n no secondary pollution
•All stainless steel shell, the European technology, smooth inner wall. Not Blind Angle.
•Clean equipment,electroplating polishing,applicable to high purifying environment
•The electrical device is configured to the world market
•Special design, more convenient

Application scope of UV Water Sterilizer
•Food processing industrial water
•Aquarium Uv Sterilizer For Water Treatment
•Application water disinfection
•Aquarium Uv Sterilizer For Water Treatment
•Military camps, the water supply system
•Urban waste water disinfection
•Swimming pools, water other entertainment water disinfection
•Cooling water disinfection
•Aquarium Uv Sterilizer For Water Treatment
•Sea water, fresh water nursery, breeding (fish, eels, shrimp, abalone, shellfish, etc) water
•Agricultural water disinfection

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