Will you encounter the following situations when using a Portable Pressure Steam Sterilization?


1. Is there a pressure gauge or a pressure gauge on the Portable Pressure Steam Sterilization?


Although the portable high-pressure steam sterilizers produced by many manufacturers are still marked with pressure gauges, and the same expression is also expressed in many textbooks, the standard expression of pressure measuring devices should be pressure gauges, not pressure gauges. The starting point of the pressure value marked on the pressure gauge is 0MPa, and at this scale, the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the pot is normal, and both are not 0, so it is not difficult to understand. At this time, the value read by the meter is actually the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pot. The value is 0!


2. Can the lid of the sterilization pot be opened immediately when the value of the pressure meter drops to close to 0MPa during sterilization?


If the value of the pressure meter is close to 0, the lid of the pot is forcibly opened even when there is still a high pressure. At this time, because there is a certain pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pot, the hot air will still spray out, which may cause harm to the experimenters.

 Portable Pressure Steam Sterilization

3. After the sterilization time is reached at 121, can the pressure be quickly vented through the vent valve to achieve a zero pressure difference between the inside and outside of the sterilizer for rapid pressure reduction?


If the air is vented quickly at this time, or if it is not handled properly, the large amount of high-temperature water vapor rapidly ejected from the vent valve may injure the hands or face of the experimenter. The pressure drops abruptly at a high temperature of 121°C. For the test tube containing the culture medium in the sterilization pot, the culture medium may still surge or spray. Therefore, during operation, the corresponding treatment should be carried out after the temperature is appropriately reduced, or the air release valve should be partially opened to slowly release air.

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