Several problems that cannot be avoided by air sterilization machine(2)


Secondly, regarding the choice of disinfection period. Preventive disinfection, turn on regularly 2~3 times a day, about 2 hours each time, generally choose once in the morning, midnight and evening.


Dynamic disinfection means that during the disinfection process of the air sterilization machine, humans can coexist without leaving, so this issue should also be paid attention to when purchasing. Of course, this is only a reference. When using it, you need to consider the amount of indoor oil smoke, second-hand smoke, dust and other particulate matter, as well as the number of people in the house and the time spent indoors, to perform air disinfection in a timely manner.


Again, regarding the cleaning of the air sterilization machine. Practice has proved that the efficiency and life of the air sterilization machine depend to a large extent on the cleaning and maintenance during use.


Cleaner high-efficiency filters and drier activated carbon filters have better air purification effects. Wipe the UV lamp tube and clean the photocatalyst filter in time, which is also beneficial to promote sterilization. This is also the reason to pay attention to the after-sales service of the company when choosing an air sterilization brand. In addition, users who are not very clear about the basic functions and disinfection principles of the air sterilization machine should read the manual of the air sterilization machine carefully before using the indoor air sterilization machine to understand the basic structure and basic working principle of the disinfection machine. Safe use of air sterilization machine.

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