Introduction to autoclaving


High-pressure steam sterilization, high temperature and high-pressure sterilization, can not only kill general bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, but also kill spores and spores. It is the most reliable and widely used physical sterilization method. It is mainly used for the sterilization of high temperature resistant items, such as culture medium, metal equipment, glass, enamel, dressing, rubber and some drugs. There are many types and styles of high-pressure steam sterilizers, such as: ① The lower exhaust pressure steam sterilizer is a commonly used sterilization equipment, the pressure is increased to 103.4kPa (1.05kg/cm2), and the temperature is 121.3°C. Maintain for 15~30 minutes to achieve the purpose of sterilization. ②Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer has become the most advanced sterilization equipment. Sterilization requirements: steam pressure of 205.8kPa (2.1kg/cm2), temperature of above 132°C and maintaining for 10 minutes, it can kill all microorganisms including spores and spores with strong resistance.

①The package should not be too large or too tight, generally less than 30cm×30cm×50cm; ②The package in the pressure cooker should not be arranged too densely, so as not to hinder the penetration of steam and affect the sterilization effect; ③When the pressure, temperature and time meet the requirements , The indicator tape and the chemical indicator should appear sterilized color or state; ④ flammable and explosive materials, such as iodoform, benzene, etc., prohibit high-pressure steam sterilization; ⑤ sharp instruments, such as knives, scissors This method is not suitable for sterilization to avoid dullness; ⑥ Cellophane and gauze should be used to wrap the mouth of the bottle when sterilizing the bottled liquid; if there is a rubber stopper, the needle should be inserted to vent; ⑦ someone should be responsible, before each sterilization , The performance of the safety valve should be checked to prevent explosion due to excessive pressure and ensure safe use; ⑧ indicate the sterilization date and the storage time limit of the article, generally can be kept for 1 to 2 weeks.

The classification of high pressure steam sterilizer is divided into portable high pressure sterilizer, vertical pressure steam sterilizer, horizontal high pressure steam sterilizer, etc. according to the size of the style.

Portable autoclaves are 18L, 24L, 30L. Vertical high-pressure steam sterilizers are available from 30L to 200L, and each of the same volume is divided into handwheel type, flip type, and intelligent type. The intelligent type is divided into standard configuration, steam internal exhaust, and vacuum drying. type. It can also be equipped with a printer according to customer requirements. There is also a large horizontal autoclave.

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