Common failures of Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer


Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizers can be divided into three types: portable, vertical and horizontal according to their different capacities. This article analyzes the common failures that occur during the use of the Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer and proposes corresponding troubleshooting methods and preventive measures.

Common failures of Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer during use

Common faults include: heating function failure, abnormal operation of the water level indicator, interlocking light off, air leakage, abnormal operation of the safety valve, failure of normal exhaust, liquid drainage, etc.

(1) When the instrument is in use, the heating function fails and the steam cannot be produced normally.

When the instrument is running, the heating indicator on the panel is on, but the temperature indicator does not rise, and the room temperature is maintained.

(2) When the instrument is in use, the water level gauge works abnormally.

Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer

As soon as the instrument is turned on, the control circuit checks the water level gauge. There are three indicator lights of "high water level", "low water level" and "water shortage" on the control panel. During normal use, the water level should be kept at the high water level, that is, the "high water level" indicator light is on. If the water level light does not turn on when sufficient water is added, or the water shortagelight is always on and alarms, it means that the water level indicator is working abnormally.

(3) The interlock light is not on, and the Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer is not heating normally.

The interlocking light is connected to the control circuit by the interlocking button, interlocking rod and interlocking controller on the upper cover of the instrument in series to play an interlocking protection function. When the upper cover of the instrument is closed, the interlock light is off, indicating that the control circuit has no signal input or the circuit is damaged.

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