How to use Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer?


The sterilization principle of the Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer cabinet is to use a mechanical vacuum method to form a negative pressure in the sterilization cabinet, and the steam can quickly penetrate into the inside of the article for sterilization.

 Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

When the steam pressure reaches 205.8kpa and the temperature reaches 132°C or above, the sterilization starts. When the sterilization time is reached, vacuum is applied to quickly dry the sterilized items. According to the difference of one-time or multiple vacuuming, it is divided into two types: pre-vacuum and pulsating vacuum. The latter is vacuumed multiple times, air removal is more thorough, and the effect is more reliable.

Sterilization method of Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer:

1) Pre-vacuum pressure sterilization method: The whole process of pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilization is about 25 minutes.

1. Put the items to be sterilized into the sterilizer and close the door;

2. Pour steam into the interlayer and make the pressure reach 107.8KPa to preheat for 4 minutes;

3. Start the vacuum pump and remove the air in the cabinet to make the pressure reach 2.0-2.7kpa;

4. Stop the air extraction and input saturated steam into the cabinet to make the cabinet pressure reach 205.8kpa, the temperature reach 132, and maintain the sterilization time for 4 minutes;

5. Stop the steam input and vacuum again to make the pressure reach 8.0kpa, so that the sterilized items can be dried quickly;

6. After filtering the clean and dry air, the pressure in the sterilization chamber is restored to zero, and the temperature drops below 60°C, and the door can be opened to take out the items.

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