Do you really know the Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Sterilizer?


The Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Sterilizer alternately extracts vacuum and fills the sterilization chamber with steam (makes the sterilization chamber reach a certain vacuum and then fills with saturated steam), and finally reaches the set pressure and temperature to achieve Medical equipment that sterilizes high temperature and humidity resistant items. Used for moist heat sterilization of medical instruments and surgical instruments and drying treatment after sterilization. According to the volume, it can be divided into large pulsation vacuum sterilizer and small pulsation vacuum sterilizer.

 Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Sterilizer

The Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Sterilizer uses saturated water vapor as the sterilization medium, and adopts the air removal method of mechanical forced pulsation vacuum. After 3-4 times of vacuuming and steam injection, the internal air is forced to empty, so that the air removal volume reaches More than 99%, completely eliminate the cold spots in the sterilization chamber, completely eliminate the temperature "dead corners", and under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the microbial protein is denatured, solidified and inactivated to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Vacuum dehumidification and then high-temperature drying of the sterilizer jacket at 132°C~134°C to ensure that the sterilized items are dry and clean, and the items are not wet or hot when taken out.

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