Do you know about epidemic prevention robots?


No blind spots, no dead ends, and full coverage of spraying disinfectant are the three major characteristics of epidemic prevention robots. The epidemic prevention robot uses lithium battery power as its power source, and uses wireless remote control to remotely control the fire fighting robot.


The Epidemic Prevention Robot has simple operation, high flexibility and high operating efficiency, instead of manually entering dangerous and polluting environments for disinfection operations.

 Epidemic Prevention Robot

Epidemic prevention robots are suitable for disinfection in public places such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, industrial parks, parks, etc.; sanitation and epidemic prevention in polluted areas such as farms, urban sewers, etc.; dengue mosquitoes, cockroaches, fruit flies and other vector organisms; crops, gardens Plant diseases and insect pest control in nurseries, greenhouses, food and agricultural products processing sites, disinfection and sterilization, fire drills, etc.

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