Features Of Ultraviolet Air Autoclave Vertical Type


The Ultraviolet Air Autoclave Vertical Type uses a fan to suck indoor air into the machine for disinfection. The machine is equipped with a multi-layer filter and a UV germicidal lamp with strong sterilization ability. While killing viruses and bacteria in the air, it can filter out the dust in the air, prevent various diseases from spreading through the air, and improve air quality. The disinfection machine can continuously disinfect the air in places with people, is safe and effective, and is harmless to the human body.

 Ultraviolet Air Autoclave Vertical Type

Features Of Ultraviolet Air Autoclave Vertical Type:


1. The latest C-band ultraviolet disinfection technology can completely kill viruses and bacteria in the air;


2. Compared with the traditional ultraviolet lamp, the Ultraviolet Air Autoclave Vertical Type has a 3-4 times higher sterilization capacity;


3. The negative ions produced by the Ultraviolet Air Autoclave Vertical Type can make the air fresh;


4. Double-layer filter. The first layer of pre-filter: removes dust particles; the second layer of activated carbon: removes formaldehyde, stupid and other chemicals in the air, as well as smoke and peculiar smell;


5. It can be switched on and off by remote control and run automatically at regular intervals;


6. Internal patented structure design to prevent UV leakage;


7. Continuous work, suitable for use in a human environment;


8. Scope of application: isolation rooms, laboratories, aseptic workshops, laboratories, airports, restaurants, waiting rooms and other public places.

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