What should I pay attention to when using UV disinfection car?


The scientific principle of UV disinfection car: It mainly acts on the nucleic acid of microorganisms, causing its destruction. At the same time, it acts on proteins, enzymes and other life-critical substances to cause the death of microorganisms and achieve the purpose of disinfection.

 UV disinfection car

Precautions for UV disinfection car:


1. During use, the surface of the UV lamp should be kept clean. When dust or oil stains are found on the surface of the lamp tube, it should be wiped at any time.


2. When disinfecting indoor air with ultraviolet light. The room should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist.


3. When using ultraviolet rays to disinfect the surface of objects, the irradiated surface should be directly exposed to ultraviolet rays.


4. Do not irradiate people with ultraviolet light source to avoid damage.

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