Working principle and common classification of Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer


Safety is the top priority. Whether it is food safety or medical safety, it is related to the national economy and people's livelihood.Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizers are widely used in medical, scientific research, food and other industries for mold sterilization, which is of great significance to prevent medical infection accidents and ensure the safety of medical, food, and medicine.


Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer is mainly designed by using a physical sterilization method, using the principle of moist heat to kill microorganisms. Heat damage to cell walls and cell membranes, as well as to nucleic acids, can lead to the death of microorganisms, while damp heat mainly coagulates microbial proteins and causes them to die. The moist heat sterilization method can have a strong sterilization effect and can accelerate the death process of microorganisms.

 Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

The common classifications on the current Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer market include portable sterilizers, vertical Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizers, desktop (horizontal) Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizers, etc. With the development of various precision instruments and equipment, there is an urgent need for a sterilizer that can not rely on high-temperature sterilization to avoid damage to the instruments. In such a market demand, various low-temperature sterilizers are gradually produced and gradually applied to the sterilization of various precision instruments.

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