Operation steps of portable pressure steam sterilizer


The portable pressure steam sterilizer is a necessary piece of equipment in the process of microbiology research, because the process of making microorganisms requires sterile equipment, and these equipment need to be sterilized by a sterilizer to reach the standard of use, so The use of the bacteria pot is very important, especially pay attention to its pressure. If it is not well controlled, it may explode, so you still need to pay attention to it during use.

Open the lid, take out the inner barrel and you can see a heating electric heating tube at the bottom. Pour 3.5 liters of water into the electric heating tube. Be sure to submerge the heating electric heating tube so that the electric heating tube is completely submerged in water. Need to look at the water surface to make sure it is submerged and add water in time.

Put the prepared items to be sterilized into the inner cylinder one by one, but pay attention to the best to leave gaps between the items, and use steam to penetrate, which can improve the sterilization effect, but also need to pay attention to the safety valve and the vent valve. Blockage, this is the most important thing. If blocked, it will explode. After that, cover the cover and condense the surrounding screws.

Then plug in the power supply, close both the safety valve and the vent valve, and adjust the temperature regulator to 121°C for 30 minutes. Start heating. When the temperature rises to 110°C, open the air release valve to release the cold air inside, and then close it, start heating to 121°C, and then start sterilization at constant temperature.

The timer will automatically turn off after 30 minutes, and there will be a sound. When the temperature drops to 110℃, open the vent valve and start to reduce the pressure in the pot. Note that the lid cannot be opened when the pressure reaches 0. You can open the lid, take out the contents and put it in the oven. The operation is very simple. It should be noted that the lid cannot be opened if the pressure is less than 0, remember!

portable pressure steam sterilizer

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