Performance characteristics of Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Automation Sterilizer


The Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Automation Sterilizer is a high-performance, highly intelligent pressure steam sterilization equipment. The whole process of the equipment is automatically controlled. It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with GMP standards. It has high vacuum, high temperature and rapid sterilization after vacuum drying, etc. advanced features.


1. The main body of Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Automation Sterilizer is a horizontal rectangular structure with a reinforced jacket. There are electric heating type and external steam type. The sterilization chamber adopts imported SUS304 stainless steel, and the outer decoration adopts stainless steel frosted board fully enclosed packaging.


2. The sealing method is silicone rubber sealing, and the sealing surface is made of stainless steel to maximize the service life of the sterilizer. The product has a safety interlocking device that meets the mandatory requirements of the "Capacity Regulations". When there is pressure in the cabinet, the sealed door cannot be opened and there are sound and light instructions to ensure safe operation.

 Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Automation Sterilizer

3. Using intelligent controller and PLC (programmable logic controller) to automatically control the entire sterilization process, temperature and time parameters are self-designed, and the super bright LED automatic digital display ensures the reliable and automatic operation of the whole machine.


4. The Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Automation Sterilizer adopts the forced vacuum exhaust method to ensure the complete removal of cold air in the sterilization chamber. Vacuum dehumidification and interlayer drying to ensure that the items are dry and clean after sterilization.


5. Both automatic and manual control modes are adopted, with dual control of pressure and temperature.

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