What do you know about the necessary places for air sterilizer machines


The air sterilizer machine is a machine that can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and molds in the air. It can also effectively remove the peculiar smell and smoke smell in the bathroom, and some have the function of removing polluted gases such as formaldehyde and pollen in the air. However, it is very important to install plasma air sterilizer machine in some places, let's get to know it together!

 air sterilizer

Kindergartens, schools, and training centers have high staff density, high mental consumption, and long staying indoors. Good indoor air quality is a necessary condition to ensure children's intellectual development and healthy growth! It is a place where a plasma air sterilizer machine needs to be installed.


Opening windows for ventilation is a common practice in schools. In spring and autumn when the temperature is more suitable, all windows in the classroom are basically opened for ventilation. In severe cold winter and hot summer, when heating or air conditioning is turned on, the classroom is basically opened. The windows are ventilated, and the students sitting by the window will feel very uncomfortable, affecting the children's learning, and cause a lot of energy loss!

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