Why does the high-pressure steam sterilizer exhaust the cold air?


Because when using high-pressure steam sterilization, it is extremely important that the cold air in the sterilization pot is completely eliminated, because the expansion pressure of air is greater than that of water vapor, so when the water vapor contains air, at the same pressure, it contains air. The temperature of steam is lower than the temperature of saturated steam.


If the pressure does not drop to "0", then open the lid and take the material. The possible consequences: The pressure of the pressure cooker drops suddenly, causing the solution in the container to spray out of the container mouth, causing pollution or burns.

 pressure steam sterilization

Small tips, precautions for using high-pressure steam sterilizertion:

1. The water in the pot must be distilled or purified water;

2. The items to be sterilized should not be placed too tightly;  

3. The lid nut must be tightened symmetrically;

4. The cold air must be fully eliminated, otherwise the temperature in the pot will not reach the specified temperature, which will affect the sterilization effect.

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