What effect can ultraviolet sterilizing lamp disinfection time cause too long?


Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp has certain effect to indoor disinfecting sterilization, but everything is advantageous also have disadvantage, ultraviolet ray disinfecting lamp USES the word with bad, the disadvantage is greater than advantage. Generally ultraviolet disinfection lamps in the market will be divided into two categories: ozone and no ozone.


Because ultraviolet ray wavelength is too short, penetrability and reflection ability are poor, so the ultraviolet ray in the place that does not have direct ray does not have disinfect effect, after increasing ozone, can disinfect effect theoretically better and more thorough. Uv disinfection can generally release two wavelengths of UV, one is the direct sterilization of 254nm wavelength, the other is 184nm will oxygen oxidation into ozone, through ozone sterilization.

 Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp

In a certain period of time (30~60 minutes), sufficient intensity of ultraviolet radiation can sterilization, this is proven in practice, there is no need to question, but must ensure that the above conditions can be, in the household fluorescent lamp, to ensure the use of time and intensity of irradiation is the key.


Say harm again, ultraviolet ray no matter how long wavelength all is harmful to human body, especially eye and skin, wavelength is shorter, intensity is bigger, irradiate time is longer, harm is bigger, the word that inhales ozone at the same time is said to be able to damage lung, generation dizzy chest is stuffy, and harm is irreversible. Ultraviolet ray is right indoor article, high intensity illuminate can make paint ageing, green plant dies.

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