Characteristics of air sterilizer


As a result of air sterilizer principle diversity, type also has a variety of. But the main type or plasma air machine and ultraviolet air sterilizer machine. As an internationally advanced plasma air sterilizer, compared with the traditional ULTRAVIOLET circulating air sterilizer, it has the following advantages:


High efficiency germicidal: plasma sterilization disinfection effect is good, and the action time is short, is far less than high intensity ultraviolet ray.


Environmental protection: plasma sterilization and disinfection work continuously, also will not produce ultraviolet ray, ozone, to avoid the secondary pollution of the environment.

 air sterilizer

High efficiency degradability: The plasma sterilizer can not only disinfect the air, but also degrade the harmful and poisonous gases in the air. According to the test report of The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the degradation rate within 24 hours: 91% formaldehyde, 93% benzene, 78% ammonia, 96% xylene. At the same time, it can effectively remove the smoke, smoke smell and other pollutants.


Low energy consumption: plasma air sterilizer machine boot power is ultraviolet disinfection machine 1/3, very energy-saving. For a room of 150, plasma machine is 150W, uv machine is 450W and above.


Long service life: Plasma disinfection machine under normal use, design service life of 15 years, and ultraviolet disinfection machine only 5 years.


Life-long consumables free: ultraviolet disinfection machine about 2 years to replace a batch of lamp, the cost of nearly 1000 yuan. And plasma disinfection machine life without consumables.

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