Application field of ultraviolet sterilizing lamp


Due to the epidemic, ultraviolet sterilizing lamps are becoming more common and more popular. So where can ultraviolet sterilizing lamps be used?

1. Application of operating room sterilization in hospitals, preoperative sterilization to prevent patient infection;

2. Sterilization of wards, such as pediatric ward, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious ward, etc.

ultraviolet sterilizing lamp

3. Daily disinfection of ordinary households (sterilization and disinfection of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, clothing, cabinets, basements, etc.). Especially suitable for rainy or cloudy days.

Such as the use of the patient's family, the disinfection of the environment and utensils of hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, tuberculosis and other digestive and respiratory diseases;

Meet the needs of the elderly, infants, pregnant women, and people with weak physical fitness; the living room is a place where family and friends gather, and the living room must be disinfected frequently;

Toilets, sewers, and mop pools are places where bacteria are easy to breed, and should be disinfected regularly; kitchen utensils, cutting boards, and cupboards should be disinfected regularly;

Disinfection of bedroom air, bedding, pillows and other articles;

Disinfection of shoe cabinets and shoes of friends with athlete's foot; disinfection of pet rooms and supplies. Disinfection of washing machines and basements!

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