What are the principles of steam autoclave design


The steam autoclave is a professional equipment. The capacity and specifications of the autoclave must be designed to meet the current needs of various products. It must also ensure the stability of its own work. Therefore, it must be high-quality, safe and reliable, and face the future market. steam autoclave should be flexible, open and with a certain degree of scalability for the fast-growing development needs.


The following design principles were followed during the design:


1. Practicability, stability and advancement:


Adopt advanced and mature technology and equipment to meet the current needs of customers and take into account the needs of future products. Use the most stable and practical components and materials as much as possible.


2. Safety and reliability:


Adopt dual alarm system (sound and light) for abnormal aging process to fully protect the safety of products and surrounding environmental equipment.


3. Flexibility and scalability:


Steam autoclave also provides a certain amount of space for future product demand. Therefore, the high-voltage accelerated life tester has good flexibility and scalability. It can support aging of multiple models.


4. Economy and investment protection:


Keep and extend the practical application capability of the equipment as much as possible, and make full use of the investment in capital and technology.

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