Why are there epidemic prevention robots?(1)


Prevention and control of the epidemic so far, in many scenarios such as medical surgery, diagnosis and treatment, body temperature detection, distribution, disinfection and sterilization, we have seen robots effectively replace relevant personnel to perform operations, thereby reducing or reducing many unnecessary risks. This type of investment is on the front line. The epidemic prevention robots are particularly eye-catching, and people’s understanding of the application of epidemic prevention robots has been further improved.


When we discuss epidemic prevention robots, how do they play a role in epidemic prevention work? At present, there are four main functions:


1. Complementary medical


According to the British "Guardian" report, the United States used smart robots equipped with cameras, microphones, and stethoscopes to treat the country's first patient with new pneumonia. Doctors operating the epidemic prevention robots outside the isolation window can complete most of the diagnosis and treatment. Measures.


At the same time, recently, collaborative robots have also appeared in hospitals to provide health care massage and other service-type treatments to patients. During the treatment process, the medical staff assist the robot to check and administer medicine without entering the isolation ward, which can better reduce the risk of infection.

 epidemic prevention robot

2. Public disinfection


Due to the contagious nature of the virus, "no contact" has become a strict operation requirement for the medical frontline. In residential areas, “no contact” is not only an anti-epidemic requirement, but also the most urgent part of people's livelihood needs. Companies that provide "contactless" products and services have shown their talents to meet the needs of "contactless" businesses.


In public areas, some intelligent floor scrubbing and disinfecting robots have also joined the epidemic prevention army. In areas such as airports and railway stations, they can complete disinfection and cleaning operations through automatic driving to avoid gathering and contact in crowded places. Not long ago, Shanghai Mobile launched a 5G-Cloud Cleaning disinfection and cleaning robot, which automatically sets the area instead of manually disinfecting and cleaning the area.

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