The categories of disinfection products


Disinfection products include disinfectants, disinfection devices (including biological indicators, chemical indicators and packaging of sterilized items), sanitary products and disposable medical supplies.  

The categories of disinfection products are:  


1. Disinfectant used for disinfecting and sterilizing medical and health products;  

2. Disinfectant for skin and mucous membrane disinfection (among which, disinfectant for mucous membrane can only be used in medical and health institutions for diagnosis and treatment);  

3. Disinfectant used for disinfecting catering utensils.  

Disinfection equipment  

1. Sterilization equipment used for sterilization of medical equipment and supplies;  

2, used for medical equipment, supplies disinfection disinfection equipment;  

3. Disinfection equipment for disinfecting catering utensils.  

Biological indicator  

1. Indicator for measuring the effect of pressure steam sterilization;  

2. Indicators for the determination of ethylene oxide sterilization effect;  

3. Indicators for measuring the disinfection effect of ultraviolet rays.  

Chemical indicator  

1. Indicators for the determination of pressure steam sterilization (including indicator card, indicator tape, indicator label and BD test paper);  

2. Indicators for the determination of ethylene oxide sterilization (including indicator card and indicator label);  

3. Indicators for measuring ultraviolet disinfection (including irradiation intensity indicator card and disinfection effect indicator card).  

Sterilized packaging  

1. Packaging with sterilization label and used for pressure steam sterilization;  

2, used for ethylene oxide sterilization and with sterilization mark packaging;  

3. Used for formaldehyde sterilization and packaging with sterilization label.  

Precautions for the use of disinfectant products  

1, pay attention to ventilation.  When using alcohol indoors, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation. After using towels and other cloth cleaning tools, a lot of water should be used to clean them and store them airtight, or put them in ventilated places to dry.  

2, correct use.  Before use, completely remove flammable and combustible materials around the place of use. Do not approach heat source and avoid open flame when using.  Before disinfecting the surface of the electrical appliance, the power should be turned off first, and then the electrical appliance should be cooled.  If you wipe the kitchen hearth with alcohol, close the fire first so as not to volatilize alcohol and cause deflagration.  The lid of the container must be closed immediately after each use of alcohol. It is strictly forbidden to leave the container open.  

3. Appropriate storage.  Alcohol is a flammable and volatile liquid. When residents use alcohol to disinfect at home, it is recommended to buy medical alcohol in small packaging for civilian use. The packaging of a single bottle should not exceed 500 ml.  

4. Safe storage.  Alcohol containers should be stored in glass or special plastic packaging, and must have a reliable seal, do not use the container without a lid.  When the remaining alcohol is stored, special attention should be paid to cover tightly to avoid volatilization. It should be stored in a cool place away from the light. It should not be placed in the heat source environment such as the balcony, stove, heating system and so on.  

Reference source: Baidu Baike - disinfection products 

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