Features and precautions of Air Sterilizer


Due to its diverse principles, there are also many types. But the main types are plasma air machine and ultraviolet air disinfection machine. As an internationally advanced plasma air disinfection machine, compared with the traditional ultraviolet circulating air disinfection machine, it has the following advantages:
Efficient sterilization: Plasma has a good sterilization effect and a short action time, which is far less than high-intensity ultraviolet rays.
Environmental protection: Plasma sterilization and disinfection work continuously, and will not produce ultraviolet rays, ozone, and avoid secondary pollution of the environment.
Efficient degradability: Plasma disinfection machine can also degrade harmful and toxic gases in the air while disinfecting the air. According to the inspection report of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the degradation rate within 24 hours: formaldehyde 91%, benzene 93%, ammonia 78%, xylene 96%. At the same time, it can efficiently remove smoke, smoke and other pollutants.
Low energy consumption: The power of the plasma air disinfection machine is 1/3 of that of the ultraviolet disinfection machine, which is very energy-efficient. For a room of 150 square meters, plasma machine 150W, ultraviolet machine 450W or more, saving more than 1,000 yuan a year in electricity costs.
Long service life: Under normal use, the plasma disinfection machine has a design service life of 15 years, while the ultraviolet disinfection machine is only 5 years.
One-time investment and life-free consumables: The ultraviolet disinfection machine needs to replace a batch of lamps in about 2 years, and the cost is nearly 1,000 yuan. The plasma sterilizer requires no consumables for life.

Whether used for static disinfection or dynamic continuous disinfection, doors and windows are required to be closed.
It is strictly forbidden to cover or obstruct the air inlet and outlet of the sterilizer.
The power socket must use a three-core socket with a safety ground wire.
Water is strictly prohibited inside the machine. When cleaning the machine with a damp cloth, the power supply must be cut off first.
In order to achieve the disinfection effect, it cannot be used in excess volume.
Regularly check the working condition of the machine. If an abnormality is found, it should be overhauled immediately. Electrical faults should be handled by professional technicians.

The instrument is managed by a dedicated person, and it is kept on standby for 24 hours to avoid frequent start-up damage.
Maintenance of the filter: Check the filter regularly. If you find that the filter has too much dust, you should clean it with clean water or replace the filter in time. When replacing, open the filter cover, take out the filter net from the machine, replace with a new filter, and finally reinstall the filter on the machine.
Maintenance of the ultraviolet lamp: the intensity of ultraviolet radiation will affect the air disinfection effect. Therefore, wipe the ultraviolet lamp with an ethanol cotton ball at least once a month to ensure that the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp is not affected by dust.

Maintenance of negative oxygen ion generator: Due to the dust reduction effect of negative oxygen ions, after long-term use, a large amount of dust will be deposited near the air outlet of the generator, so it should be removed regularly. When cleaning, you should first cut off the power and wipe with a soft dry cloth or a little medical alcohol. Note: Do not rinse with water. The human sensor probe and display screen cannot be wiped with any detergent, ethanol, etc., and can only be wiped gently with a damp soft cloth.

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