The working principle and classification of pressure steam sterilizer


The pressure steam sterilizer uses high-temperature saturated water vapor to reset the protein of microorganisms within a certain period of time to cause the death of denatured microorganisms, and achieve the purpose of sterilizing moisture-resistant and heat-resistant items.

 pressure steam sterilizer

The pressure steam sterilizer is composed of a sterilization chamber, a control system, an over pressure protection device, etc. Since the steam cannot overflow in the closed steamer, the boiling point of the water will continue to increase as the pressure continues to rise, so the temperature in the pot also increases, and the temperature in the pot can reach 121°C under a pressure of 0.1MPa. At this steam temperature, various bacteria can be quickly killed.


Classification of sterilizers Pressure steam sterilizers are suitable for medical and health, scientific research, agriculture and other units. High-pressure steam sterilizers are classified into portable high-pressure steam sterilizers, vertical high-pressure steam sterilizers, and horizontal high-pressure steam sterilizers according to their style and size. It can sterilize medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium, etc. Please 18 to 8-372 is 9 8-240.

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