Is it necessary to buy an ultraviolet sterilizing lamp?


The new crown epidemic has caused great anxiety to people. Masks, alcohol, 84 water, germicidal lamps... have all become popular products. ultraviolet sterilizing lamps are gradually appearing in people's field of vision, and many families have purchased ultraviolet sterilizing lamps. So is it necessary to buy a UV sterilization lamp?

 ultraviolet sterilizing lamp

For houses that do not have the sun all year round, the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is indeed a good choice, colorless, odorless and no residue (of course, if the model with ozone is another matter, ozone is a gas with obvious smell).


The ultraviolet sterilizing lamp has the effect of killing bacteria (including mold) and mites. It can be used for disinfection of the whole house. Generally, the bacteria that can be killed include E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other common harmful bacteria in life, while fungi have The ultraviolet sterilizing lamp has the ability to kill molds and even influenza viruses. Molds like to grow in damp places. Except for ultraviolet sterilizing lamps, it is recommended to dehumidify frequently to ensure that the room is dry, which can better prevent mold growth.

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