Why use the pressure steam sterilizer correctly?


In 2020, the new crown pneumonia will spread, the infection rate is high, and the transmission speed is fast. In order to prevent cross-infection and the spread of aerosols, and to provide the best safety protection for medical staff, pressure steam sterilizers are indispensable.

 pressure steam sterilizer

However, if pressure steam sterilizer is used improperly, it will encounter another headache-scaling. Because of scaling, it will cause a lot of trouble in the follow-up, which not only shortens the service life of the sterilization pot, affects the sterilization effect, but also brings hidden dangers in safety.


1. Scale deposits on the inner wall, hindering heat transfer on the heated surface, and increasing energy consumption

2. The dispersed particles cause scratches on the inner wall of the equipment, damage the surface coating, and severely rust the stainless steel surface

3. Particles entering the pipeline will cause pipeline blockage

4. Scale deposits on the surface of meters such as steam and temperature sensors, causing the meter to work abnormally


For large sterilizers, the consequences of scaling are particularly serious. Because the thermal conductivity of scale is tens to hundreds of times smaller than that of the steel plate of the sterilizer, it affects heat transfer after scaling, which can easily cause local metal wall temperature accumulation, inner wall deformation, and even cause accidents, affect safe operation, and bring life And property damage.

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