The difference between air sterilizer machine and space sterilizer machine


With the special impact of the epidemic this year, air sterilizer machines and space sterilizer machines have begun to enter the public's field of vision, but most people are not really clear about the difference between the two.


Most of them are air sterilizer machines, and most of them are passive disinfection technology. The so-called passive disinfection technology is to suck air into the equipment to kill bacteria and viruses. Common passive disinfection technologies include plasma disinfection technology, ultraviolet disinfection technology, and activated carbon. Disinfection technology and so on. This type of sterilizer can only sterilize the air in the space, but cannot sterilize the surface of objects in the space. This type of sterilization method obviously has obvious defects.

space sterilizer 

Therefore, when disinfection equipment is adopted in public spaces, active disinfection technologies should be selected as much as possible, such as space sterilizer machine photocatalyst catalytic decomposition technology and space sterilizer machine negative oxygen ion technology.


Facts have also proved that only active disinfection technology can achieve real-time disinfection, that is, killing the virus in the initial stage of virus transmission and blocking the spread of the virus from the root. This technology is very suitable for crowded public places.

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